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A project manager is using the earned value reporting method to manage his project. Thefollowing table shows the data collected to date. The plan is for the project to be complete aftereight weeks. The earned value report shows data collected for the first four weeks of the project.
The figure shown in the table are cumulative.

Week       PV      AC      EV
1             1,000 1,000 1,000
2             3,000 2,000 2,500
3             5,000 5,000 6,000
4             7,000 9,000 7,000
5            13,000
6            17,000
7            19,000
8            20,000


85. What is the BAC for the project during week 4?
a. 7,000
b. 9,000
c. 5,000
d. 20,000



 86. During week 5 it is found that some of the work that was reported complete in week 2was considered unacceptable. It will require $500 to fix the problem and make this workacceptable. The work is scheduled to be done in week 6. No other work is reported to becomplete during week 5. What is the EV for week 5?
a. 7,000
b. 6,500
c. 9,000
d. 5,000

 1. D

  2. A


For the first question total project budget is assumed so that the answer is correct .

For the second one could you please explain.



 parwan kindly explain both question how to solve them thorugh which formula.

 give  explanation and  method

  1 BAC - Budget at completion is palanned value at completion.

 2. Remember in EVM,  all values AC , EV PV are always represented as cumulative. 7000, is cumulative value of 4rth week,  It will be added to EV recorded of week 5, for cumulative EV up to week 5. 

As content of question is saying that in week 5 there were no progress = EV of month 5  = 0.

Hence cumulative EV of week 5 will be the same as EV of week 4.

Dear Pawar

There are numbers distracted ($500)  the meaning of the questions.Only issue is how we grabs the question.

Thanks pawar




 dear as youmeniton in EVM  AC PV EV are cumulative  what i understan from that is add (EV+AV+PV =7000+9000+7000 =23000)


These never can be added.