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Hi Guys,

I'm filling my pmp form, so i wanted to check if education prerequisites are cumulative or not.
I never studied one field for 4 years, but i studied Architecture for 2 years without diploma (i left the Architecture school but i have the proof of notes i had)

then, i studied Network Security for 2 years and i had my diploma,
Then i'm back to the university to finish my engineering diploma, and i'm in the 3rd year now,

So i need your help to understand if PMI will consider i have 4 years +, study, or they need a 4 years study in one field.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You need to have 4 years of education , check the requirements on PMI. website.  After the education pre-requisite you need to have 4500 hours work experience also.

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Hi Team,

Thanks for your help.
I already have 5 years education in the university, but not in one field.

I have 2 year completed in Architecture (2003-2005) without diploma

I have 2 years study in Network & Systems security (2010-2012) with diploma

and now, i'm finishing my engineering diploma (2013 - untill now)

So i'm wondering if PMI will consider that i have 4 years study or they will just consider one field of these?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Sam,

Please find the below image for PMP Exam Eligibility Criteria.

You can find more details about this on

Hi Poonam,

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