Earning PDUs to renew PMP certification (Work as Practitioner)

Hello Experts,

Like many others, I am a bit confused about the PDUs process to retain my PMP certification. Hoping one of you would spare a couple of minutes and help clarify some doubts.


I got PMP-certified in July 2013 which means I have until July 2016 to earn the required PDUs to renew my certification. Now the current set of rules say that one needs to earn 60 PDUs and that 8 of the 60 can be related to the day-to-day relevant work that we do as a Project Manager.


I also know that I fall in the transitional period of old rules & new rules (Dec 2015?). Were these rules a bit different before Dec 2015? I hear we could assign 15 PDUs to the "Work as a Practitioner" category based on our PM work for 3 years? Is that accurate?


What category would I fall in? Can someone please help clarify?


Thanks a lot!


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Hi Dinesh

If you have reported PDUs prior to Dec 2015. it would be counted. i dont think they will scrap it retrospectively.

I have been always putting 15 PDUs to the "Work as a Practitioner" category based on our PM work for 3 years . 




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Earning PDUs are simple now, in fact you can earn all 60 PDUs under self learning category (yes you can read a book and finish all 60)

Here is a blog which can point you to the all relevent steps for reaching 60 PDus for free : www.izenbridge.com/blog/how-to-earn-60-pdus-and-maintain-your-pmp-certif...

In new rule working as profession has limit of 8 PDUs per cycle, so yes that area is reduced but overall it has simplified the PDUs earnign process. 

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please refer to this link about the changes explained in detail:


and here is another link with a lot of tipps for earning PDUs :






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