Dude, how I am doing?

I am scheduled to take the PMP exam on wednesday, here are my preparations so far:
Books : PMBOK(3 times), Rita (once), Headfirst (once)
Rita Fast Track (6th) : Average 75%, Super PMP – 73%
PMStudy : Free (73%), 1st Paid (78%), 2nd Paid (74%), 3rd Paid (84%), 4th Paid (81%)
Simplilearn : Free (86%), 1st Paid (73%), 2nd Paid (81%)
Other Free Test : Oliver (72%), TechFaq360 (79%)
I would be appearing for the PMP exam for the first time. Would anyone recommend anything I should try in these 5 days or you think this is ok?

Appreciate, for your help!

Hey Dude Tomm, you are doing excellent man!

I see you have practiced good mock test and secured brilliantly. I do not see any need to practice any more test. In the remaining days just practice IITO from PMBOK and read PMBOK last pages. Make sure you maintain the knowledge you have gained in these days. All the Best.

Assuming you are finishing the mock exam well within 4 hours window.  It seems you are all set to take exam as of now ;-) probably you can target for all P's considering the prep work you have done already. The minimum I would suggest to revisit questions where you got a wrong answer and that would help to fill few holes and get some more right answers. Looking at time in hand browse through all numericals and ITTO's as there you can get a perfect score. You may like to have a quick look at my PMP lessons learnt blog http://mypmpll.blogspot.in/2012/05/what-not-to-do-and-what-to-do-while.html

All the best!

Makarand Hardas, PMP


Dear Tomm

All the Best for your PMP exam. I hope you will share your result and lesson learnt after your exam on Wednesday.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Kumar

Thanks dudes, you know what, I am confident enough now. I did not study much these 5 days. I am sure I will crack the PMP exam the first time, just a day left now. Wish me all the best. I will post my lesson learnt.

 I am taking mine tomorrow as well Tomm.  Good Luck to you. 

I could not pass dudes! Very shocking result with 3-P and 2-BP. Really depressed after such good preparations. Will try after sometime now, need rest and some time to come out of it.

 Aww!  I am sorry.  I did pass yesterday.  

Hi Tom,


Its really frustrating to study so well and fail the exam. Your mock tests results were awesome.


Anyway, please realise that you got 3 Ps which is EXCELLLENT. And since you know where did you get 2 BPs so you may work hard on those two PGs and come out trumps.


Please do not delay. If I was wearing your shoes, I would have gone for it without wasting much time. Your results speak a lot Sir/Madam.


Please do think about it and do not delay more than 20-25 days.


Thanks and All the BEST.




I'm really sorry to hear that. I didn't pass on my first time either and my job is dependent upon it so I know how you feel. I scored 3MP and 2BP. I didn't do well in Executing and Monitoring & Controlling.

What areas were yours? I've started to prepare for the exam again however, I'm not studying by knowledge area anymore. I'm studying by process.



Tomm and Brittann,

I am sorry to hear the sad news, but keep in mind after a dark horrifying night there is always a good romantic morning.

You have seen PMP exam now and hence I recommend you, please DO NOT blindly accept tips from people who have posted their own lesson learnt. I have been saying in this forum since long time, what works for one might not work for others. Think the other way, if there was a straight formula to pass PMP, would Tomm had failed? Would PMP had the high respected value?

These are the basic mistake one get carried into. I have seen some posting in this forum, where people have failed who used best study material and who have scored 80% or more in the best known test. Make a lesson learnt from these now. A failure teaches you how close you were to success when you gave up!

All I suggest is, read people lesson learnt, use your own GOD gifted brain and your knowledge and make your own plan and decision. Stick to your plan and write your own story after you pass.

Saket, PMP

Brittann –
I didn't do well in Initiation and Monitoring & Controlling. By not clearing PMP, I have to suffer a promotion for which PMP credentials was mandatory. Not sure, if I would get this opportunity again sooner.

Saket –
You talk very practical and real. After the big shock, I have realized that I failed because of my own mistake. In the last 5-6 days I could have concentrated on those areas that I felt was weak. I did not do that rather started following someone else’s blog, lessons learn its tips and I lost my focus from my own path. I have rescheduled my exam for 27th June and now I am just going to refer PMBOK and no other books. I have realized the importance of PMBOK and its each line. I would also buy some fresh question to try for practice as I see no point in trying the same question again that becomes inefficient. I am sure on 27th I am going to pass this time with my own plan in place.

Hey dudes I passed the exam with 4-P and 1-MP. A lesson I learnt from my first attempt failure is that a key component of preparing is to answer as many questions as possible from various sources and not just one or two, because the more questions you answer the more chances you have to discover the gaps in your knowledge.

In the last 20 days, I did these:
Referred PMBOK for gaps
http://www.pmpforsure.com/pmp/   (all test)
Farndales Guide

Thank you PM Zilla members for giving me very useful information!

Tom. M (PMP) Wowwwwwww!

Congrats Tom! The darker's the night, the closer's the morning. :-)

Was following this thread ever since you had started it. And I always thought that you deserved those three letters very very much. Now you have them. Cheers!

Thanks diba and everyone who posted in my blog here. This would not have been possible without the help of people like you. I know and I will never forget these 20 days of my life. Today I have a different and higher respect for people who cannot make out as I know, I am one among them.

Tom. M

Congratulations Sir. Please accept, not only mine, everyone's heart-felt feeling on you securing the grades. Anyway, it was no surprise since your performance in the first attempt was also too good. It was just a matter of conviction and since you had it, so here we are. You are now a PMP!!! Great :)

Thanks krantikumar50. Not sure when I will forget 6/6, I want to forget this day soon and start a new life. I do see you posting here in this forum and it was also your advice for me to try again soon. I wish you all the best, I am confident you will make it this time. Do post your success!

Tom. M