Doubt in Integration Mgmt Question

Hi Team,

I have doubt regarding following question from Rita's:

Q - Youe new project to outsource work has been going badly. The project deliverables have changed three times, the functional managers keep removing people from the team, and the project schedule baseline has been adjusted four times in the first week. This is MOST likely due to a lack of :

a) A Staffing management plan.

b) A signed project charter.

c) Clear direction from sponsor.

d) A scope management plan.

They have mentioned (C) as answer but I think all mentioned problems in question is due to lack of proper scope i.e. missing scope management plan.

Please let me know thoughts for answer C.







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There are three problems here

1. Project deliverables have changed 3 times ( Can be due to scope or Directions from Sponsor )

2. Functional Mangers, keep removing people from the team ( Maybe functional managers have put this project on lower priority , can be attributed to directions from sponsor but not to scope)

3. Schedule baseline is constantly being adjusted ( Can be due to scope or Directions from sponsor )

So there is slightly more chance of things going badly due to directions from sponsor when compared with scope. Hence the answer would have been C.

However I dont think you will get such ambigous questions in exam, but its always good to know



Thanks Admin,

I know that question is bit vague but your explanation is crisp and directive.




Hi Admin,

Thanks for your wonderful response to this question. Just wanted to ask why the lack of a signed project charter could not be the answer. Each of the bad things happening could be because the measurable objectives of the project were not set and the project management was not given proper authority.





Without a signed project charter, there would be no authorized PM, no manpower allocation and no moving of people etc the project went through. So Choice C is ruled out based on the amount of mess that has taken place.