Doubt in Develop Schedule Question

Hi Team,

Got doubt in following question from Rita's:

A new product development project has four levels in the WBS and has been sequenced using the precedence diagramming method. The activity duration estimates have been received. What should be done NEXT?

a) Create an activity list.

b) Begin the WBS.

c) Finalize the schedule.

d) Compress the schedule.

They have given (D) as correct answer. But isn't Schedule compression part of control schedule and I believe answer should be (C) as PM would be developing and finalizing schedule after activity duration estimates.

The Schedule compression may or may not happen and will come into picture later.




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Schedule compression is part of Develop schedule process. Before you finalize the schedule you must check if it can be compressed further or optimized.  As parkinson's law states , work expands to fill the time given. Hence as a  PM you must find a way to compress the schedule before you finalize it.

Even if you think practically it makes sense. Suppose you hire a person to build your house. He gives a schedule of 1 year. First question you will ask is , how can it be done sooner. Likewise for any project.