Doomsday on 27th August 2012

Doomsday (exam) is on 27th August 2012. Here is my first full length test result.

HeadFirst 200 questions

Total score: 81%

Initiating process 89%

Planning process 79%

Executing process 86%

Monitoring & Controlling process 72%
Closing process 78%
Professional & Social Responsibility 73%
A couple of questions that came in this exam and I would like to discuss:
1. When are the most expensive defects most likely to be introduced into a product?
A. When the product is being assembled
B. When the product is being designed
C. When the quality management plan is being written
D. When the product is being reviewed by the customers
I chose D while correct answer is B. Shouldn't it be D because the more later you find a defect, the more costly it will be?
There was one question about critical path which said to see the diagram on right but there was no diagram on that page so I had to skip it.
Couldn't understand one of the question because of English. Looked like I am taking English grammar test.

Ali Paaji,


You are doing v v well. Keep your head held high and go and take the test.


Your scores are v good. Try giving some more from few reputed names and that would give you a good understanding of the overall things. Last but not least, no point in mentioning as you already know that you need to put a special stress on ITTOs and Glossary of PMBOK.





Thanks man. Your words are very encouraging to me!

you are doing good. Keep it up and take lot of mock sessions.

Regarding you question the answer would be B becuase it asked when

 most expensive defects most likely to be introduced into a product.

If there is fault in design whole product would be waste of time.

I hope it would help.



 Oh ok now I got it. It is not asking when a defect is found but introduced i.e. the source of defect.

PMP Lite Mock Exam - 1
by  Christopher Scordo
Total Questions: 50
Score: 78%
These questions are availble to PMI members. They are are easy and straight from PMBOK. Nothing situational and tricky. So if you have learned PMBOK by heart then you can score 100% in it. Kinda disappointed on low score.

Knowledge Area Quiz - Project Integration Management
by  Christopher Scordo
Total questions: 10
Score: 100%
This was a piece of cake.

A good mix of situational questions which I found similar to the real thing. The free exam also has lots of exact PMBOK definitions which help to test your learning of PMBOK itself but there are not a lot of exact definitons on the exam- the exam does have definitions but not using the exact terminology from PMBOK.

The exam also shows your score overall and by knowledge area so you know where to focus your efforts. Its
Good luck!

Thanks. I also read about it in your LL thread. Have bookmarked it!

PMP Lite Mock Exam 2
by  Christopher Scordo
Total questions: 51
Score: 80%

Knowledge Area Quiz—Project Time Management
by  Christopher Scordo
Total questions: 10
Score: 90%
Dang I didn't even know about the question I got wrong.
LL: The comprehensive summary activity that is displayed in bar chart reports for control and management communication is called Hammock activity.

PMP Lite Mock Exam 3

by  Christopher Scordo
Total questions: 50
Score: 84%
The system which includes the process for submitting proposed changes, tracking systems for reviewing and approving proposed changes, defining approval levels for authorizing changes and providing a method to validate approved changes is the Configuration Management System
TQM is a Quality Improvement Initiative whereas the rest (Malcolm Baldrige, CMMI® and OPM3® )are Process Improvement models.
In a matrix organization, where the team members report to both, a functional manager as well as a project manager, generally, it is the responsibility of project manager to manage the dual reporting relationship not team members or functional managers.
Configuration management system is documented in Collect requirements process.

Knowledge Area Quiz—Project Cost Management
by  Christopher Scordo
Total questions: 10
Score: 80% :(
Any gap at the end of the project, between funds allocated and the cost baseline and cash flow amounts represents management reserve that was not used.
A variance threshold for costs or other indicators to indicate the agreed amount of variation allowed is called Control Threshold and not Acceptable Threshold.

Just got 80% in Oliver Lemann 75 question mock test. Man that was a tough one and it took all of the time available. You are supposed to complete test in 1 hour 30 minutes and I did it in 1 hour 26 minutes.

Some of the questions are very easy though which helped in making up the time otherwise on many questions I had to think long and hard.

Hey Aliweb, which all exam you took and are planning to take? Do you have a list? Please share if possible, I also need to take all good test available across.


These are the exams I am going for.

a) Solve all 1000+ exam questions from PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations by  Christopher Scordo (  These pretty much cover all PMBOK-4 and also great ITTO questions. Only PMI members can access these. 

b) Oliver Lehman's 175 questions

c) Farndales  262 Questions - Very tough to read and understand. But they prepare you well for real PMP exam cause the real exam is lot easier than these.

d) Kim Heldman or Head-First exam preparation questions.

e) (200 questions)

f)          Oliver Lehmann (75 Q)

g)         PMPForSure (100 Q)

h)        PMStudy Free (200 Q)

i)         Simplilearn (3 Mock tests)

j)         TechFaq360 (200 Q)

k)         Passionatepm (100 Q)

l)          Bestsamplequestions (160 Q)

m)       HeadFirst 200 questions

n)        PMZilla 30 tough questions

Just attempted Lehmann 175 questions. Man it was tough and got only 73%. Although I completed it before time and there are around 25-30 mins remaining.

Some of the questions looked like out of scope of PMBOK and some questions had very difficult language to understand.

These days I am attempting Farndale 262 mock questions and these are tough!

He has divided questions in all knowledge areas. So far I have given exam of first 4 knowledge areas and failed in one of them. In fact I will consider myself fail in 3 of them if I set passing percentage to 70%. But I made some silly mistakes by not reading questions properly in some cases which resulted in lower score.
But still you learn a lot from it.
Day before yesterday I attempted PMStudy 200 questions and got exactly 76%.