Is domain knowledge mandatory to become a Project Manager

I wanted to know do i have to be a Subject Matter Expert in a particular domain to become a Project Manager.

I am confused with your question.


Are you asking for domain knowledge if you want to get PMP or you want to build domain knowledge to get into project management in some industry?

No. Even the PMBOK does not say so. As a PM, it doesnt mean you have to be expert in all domain, as you would also have technical experts as part of the project team, however a PM should be most proficient in the integration.

As to your question specific, the answer is also NO. If you are the owner of your own business, you can be automatically the Project Manager if you wish, regardless of your proficiency in a particular domain. BUT, if you are going to apply for a Project Manager position in a reputable company that recognizes PMIsm, then expertise in some domain will give you the lead to become the successful one to be hired.

Note: Your question is a good example of an actual PMP exam question that really needs a thorough interpretation and understanding, and that deserves a detailed and explained answer :-) cheeersss. :-)


Of course, this knowledge is mandatory. Every project manager should know the basics of this since this is one of the tools that is monitoring their progress. - Steven C Wyer