Do i ready for real exam under this condition?

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I have plan the big day on 3-July.

I read

Head first x 1



no memorize of them.

I finish

1. Whizlabs exam simulator (800Q, but 300Q out of them is ITTO Qs)

I will finish the following until the big day.

2. RITA Fast Track

3. PM Study Test 1,2,3,4 (800Q)

Every question i got wrong answer, i will see the explanation or refer to books above.

I know i ask for "can i pass PMP" is nonsense, but i know i am weak on EVM (especially the question doesn't declare the value clearly or reverse calculation)

Also i am weak on I/O, i alway get wrong answer on I/O, but TT is fine.

So, 2 month left, any material recommend?


You have plenty of time left, so don't worry.

My best advise is to keep doing test. It's important also to get 4 or 5 full tests (200q) so you can train your resistance (4 hours answering questions is very tiring) and your timing.

Also if you publish your scores i can give you a better advise.

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2 months is a long time, please keep your focus and re-read and take mock tests.