Do i need memorie the data flow diagram?

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it seem another type of ITTO.

My best advice would be to understand the concept and fundamentals behind all PMP material, as much as possible. (Treat it how you studied math in school, you can never memorize or rote learn mathematical concepts).

DFD are to give you an ecosystem view of how different processes interact with each other in terms of Inputs and Outputs. There never will be any question showing you a DFD and asking you something in relation to that. So memorizing is not going to benefit in any possible way.

However, if you understand what inputs typical come in to a process and what goes out, it will give you a fundamental grasp of the ITTOs. (Example: For most M&C processes, Work Data is an input from Project Execution and Work Information relevant to that process is an output - Refer to page 59 in PMBOK 5th Edition).

Hope this helps.

The flow diagram will help a lot of people understand the whole process. Everybody seems to be on the same page regarding this point. - Paul Savramis