Do i have to have Experience as Project Manager to get PMP certified


I am working as an XEngineer and now, its time for me to move towards my future goal which is to become a Successfull Project Manager.

I am planning prepare and take PMP exam in next 3-4 months, but when i was going through the course, i have seen that i need to work for X hours (based on highest degree i have earned) as prerequisite to take PMP exam. And my Questions are.

1. Is it mandatory that i should that X hours of experience based on my education?

2. if answer is yes for the Question1, is there any other alternative or suggestions for me to take that exam.

I want to be certified as PMP before i start my carrier as Project Manger.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.




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Yes experience is required as a project manager which will benefit your career. If you are having PMP certificate along with experience then there will be huge demand for you in the market & which is bonus for you as well. They are many advantages with PMP certification. For more details visit:

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