Different editions of books for PMP

Hi All ,

I have one small doubt regarding the versions of PMBOK . My understanding is the latest version of each book which must be used for PMP exam but in some of the questionair .I found the explaination that the question was from 2-3rd editions .

Please guide me which version need to follow in case of PMP prepration and most efficient way to prepare for PMP (If Any :-))



Absolutely PMBOK5.  Better to follow PMBOK 5 questions.


Could you please post such questions for us as well ?

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There is unlimited amount of questions that could be from PMBOK 5th. In order to know what you are studying for is current look at the published date or website copywrite date. Here is a link to PMP exam that should help you with relevant PMBOK questions. 

Refer the LL of the who passed the PMP.

Daily lot of people posting the what need to study, how they did and which sites have mock tests, etc..