Difference between project schedule network diagram and project schedule

Hi, I tried looking for this in PMzilla forums and googled but didnt see any convincing explaination. What is the actaul difference between project schedule network diagram and project schedule. Project schedule network diagram is an o/p of sequence activities and project schedule is an o/p of develop schedule so I understand that Project schedule will be more detailed that Project schedule network diagram but is there any place I get more detailed authentic information. Thanks ! Happy PMPing.


 Hi, I read it from Ande Crowe. Hope It might help.

Project schedule

shows when each activity is scheduled  to begin and end: It also shows a planned start and finish date for the overall project. The schedule is typically shown graphically in charts like milestone chart, Bar chart and Project network diagram. It is output of Develop schedule.


Project Schedule network diagram

The name of this output of sequence activity is little bit misleading. Although it is used later in creating the schedule, this is not schedule, means  In Project schedule diagram no start or finish dates are assigned to the activities .They are simply arranged in the order they need to be performed on the project.




Thank you. It helps.