Difference between Issue and Defect?

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            Can some one explain whats the major difference between Issue and Defect as per PMBOK?



 There is no straight definition in PMBOK.

Defect is related to the product you are creating, simple thinking code defect.

Issue is related to Project Team & also product, simple thinking stakeholder management and team mangement. Servers need upgradation for installing your code.

This will help you answer all the questions.


I had a question in one of the mocks related to defect.

A defect: is anything that does not meet a requirement. It doesn't need be physical. A plan can be a defect.

Issues are problems, conflicts...that need to be documented in the issue log since it might have a negative effect on the project.

Let me know if you have any questions

Issues will be resolved. Defects will be repaired or replaced

HR related are issues and not defects. Defeciencies in HR plan again will not be an issue. It may be categorised as defect. I agree with @farrous13




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