Difference between Analogous and Parametric Estimating

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Hi - Can anyone offer me a distinct difference between Analogous and Parametric Estimating? I am using Rita's PMP Exam Prep 6th Ed but this does not seem to give me a clear difference/definition between them both.

Both use historical data as input to assume activity/project times. The only real difference I can pick up is that Parametric may be more detailed.

Thanks in advance.

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Perfect, Thanks! So in essence, Parametric involves more detailed estimating extrapolations than analogous.

In my view...

If you are using mathematical operations in your calculation then it will be parametric otherwise it will Analogous.

Very helpful.  Thanks!

at leaset 6 questions on the PMP covered this very area of estimating.  You better understand it!!!


You can read this article http://www.pmbypm.com/analogous-parametric-estimation/ to understand the difference with examples.