Definitive estimate and closing project

I have two questions.

1) definitive estimate - Is it =-10 to +15%(as per PMBOK)  ot -5 to +10% (as per Rita)

2) When you close the project what is the last thing you do?

Rita has release resources, but the mock tests I am taking on pmstudy etc says that you lessons learned as last? which is true?


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1) Its unlikely that you will get both these options in your answer, so take the call in the exam , PMBOK is final

2) If you release resources first who will document lesson's learnt ?

I agree it is unlikley that you will get the two figures to compare in the exam, the understanding of the role of definative estimate is more important.

The last step in adminastrative closure is leasons learned, this is for the business not the project, which has finished.

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As per PMBOK

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) = plus or minus 50%

Definitive = plus or minus 10% 

Last thing you do when you close the project is "Release team members" & before that you "Archive project records/files".