Cracked PMP exam on April 23.

Hi All,

I have just cleared my exam on April 23, I would like to thank all the members Jr /Sr for all there topics & discussions.

Here are the lessons learn that might help you for preparation :-

I have done my course & earn 35 PDU in May 2011, took couple of weeks to register in after getting PMI membership I started preparation for PMP certification.

1. Initially I read Heads first book almost 2 times. Understanding this book for beginers is much easy, which helps to build confidence & interest on PMP. Althought you have to think twice to answers the question at the end of the chapter.

2. Reading PMBOK (first time ) was the toughest job for me as it was exact opposite to heads first book, still was trying to relate the topic. I lost all my confidence at the first attempt to read.

3. Few friends suggested to use Rita M, book - edition 6  - I started this book, it was like novel for me moreover the language was quite simple - little lengthy but good,

4. Even though I read all above books closed to twice I was just able to relate / momorise >50% process except math formula's.

5. Some times I was using as well :-) as it has good class on few PMP topic.

6.  I was thinking, let's understand the topic first; is more important then working on the question banks so that your mindset will not be biased.

7. When I started  questions from Rita, I was shaken up, as my understanding on questions were totally different as compared to there explaination.

8. I took little break for 7 days, started thinking on the process & flows.

9. I started reading very carefully, making own notes, relate the processes, own maps, process flows, formulas based on Rita's books & PMBOK. my exam scores were 60 +/- 5%.

10.  Focused more on PMBOK Process charts & process flow with input output.

11. Started practicing free question on internet -  this time I was reading question very carefully, my learning curve started showing results. but still confidence level was 50-50.

12. Used PM Zilla's & internet tip to memorise process flows including ITTO.

13. Practiced few Rita's Fast track, PMP free & few paid tests. score was 70 - 75%. sometime used dictionary to understand the exact meaning of few words.

14. Worked on weak topics & tried exam, but no improvement in confidence level, in 8 moths I rescheduled my exam almost 6 times.

15. Last week I forgot to reschedule the exam, system was not allowing me to reschedule the exam in last 48 Hr, I was having the option not other than attempting the exam.

17. Spent that day with family & comittments & used Sunday to review notes.

16. Exam was quite good, Used tutor time to prepare process chart, Formulas... on exam I was spending more time on reading the question & understand the requiement,  my target was to have 50 questions per Hr, but I was behind the schedule by 5 questions / Hr, first 2 hr I was very focused & confident on answers.

17. Took break after 2 Hr 15min  again back to the battle, in last 30min I had 50question in my queue. I started focusing on single like questions & marked lenghtly questions with randon answer selection.

18. In last 5 min & work on the few marked questions.

19. I thought its all gone.... I skipped the survey.... But the result was different..... I PASSED...