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I observe at some places that

problems of FPIF and CPIF, has been made jumbled, in each other.

Sometimes CPIF concept are used in FPIF  or vice-vera.

There are many points which can be discussed but at present I put here an excellent example of CPIF, (from wiki), with a graphical support created by me.


To achieve this incentive,

In CPIF contracts, the seller is paid his target cost plus an initially negotiated fee plus a variable amount that is determined by subtracting the target cost from the actual costs, and multiplying the difference by the buyer ratio.   

 For example, assume a CPIF with:   

§ target costs = 1000,   

§ fixed fee = 100 (also called Target Profit),   

§ benefit/cost sharing = 80% Buyer / 20% Seller,   

 If the final costs are higher than the target,

say 1100, the Buyer will pay 1000 + 100 + 0.8*(1100-1000)=1180 (seller earns 80 which is less than if he had reached the target cost). 1180 (final payout) - 1100 (actual cost) = 80 profit.   

 If the final costs are lower than the target,

say 900, the buyer will pay 1000 + 100 + 0.8*(900-1000) = 1020 (seller earns 120 which is more than if he had reached the target cost). 1020 (final payout) - 900 (actual cost) = 120 profit.   


Final payout = Target cost + Fixed fee + Buyer share ratio * (Actual Cost - Target Cost).

If there is a ceiling price involved and actual cost is more than the ceiling

Final payout = Target cost + Fixed fee + Buyer share ratio * (ceiling price - Target Cost).   

To protect the buyer, it is occasionally agreed to set a ceiling price. This is the maximal price the buyer will be required to pay the seller, regardless of how high the costs have become. It is also occasionally agreed that a bonus be paid if costs are below the Target cost.     

The graphical presentation of CPIF 




There is one single formula - for solving sellers payout, no where it will  briefed so.

deducting the [AC +TF] from that seller's payout - Incentive can be find out.



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