contract closure and administrative closure

 Which of the following statements are true?

·       A)  

Contract closure and administrative closure both involve quality assurance activities

·         B)

Contract closure and administrative closure both involve product verification

·       C)  

Contract closure and administrative closure both involve benefit cost analysis

·        D) 

Contract closure and administrative closure both involve scope verification

An      Answer is given as (b) . Can someone explain the administrative closure?

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where are these questions from?


 I think p 100, and 12.4 -- second line, throughs enough light on this 

administrative closure is part of contract closure also - second para of 12.4

 Thank You Pawar Sir

I believe "Administrative Closure" is a general term used by the PMBOK to refer to administrative formalities undertaken during Close Project or Phase. In short Administrative Closure refers to Close Project or Phase process.

Refer pg. 341 PMBOK, verbatim "Close Procurements is the process of completing each project procurement. It supports the Close Project or Phase process, since it involves verification that all work and deliverables were acceptable."

Also, refer pg. 99 of PMBOK, verbatim: "When closing the project, the project manager will review all prior information from the previous phase closures to ensure that all project work is complete and that the project has met its objectives. Since project scope is measured against the project management plan, the project manager will review that document to ensure completion before considering the project closed."

Both highlighted statements seem to suggest that the scope verification is necessary during both processes. Would like to see what others have to say about it.

EDIT: This discussion might be relevant and suggest why Product Verification is the correct answer:

 Thank you so much Siddus