Confusion with Process chart PMBOK ed. 4

Dear Friends,

I some confusion in process charts mentioned in PMBOK ed. 4, for example

To determine budget (7.2) one of input is 'contract document'. Contract document is out put of process 'conduct procurement' (12.2). Now one on input of conduct procurement is Plan procurement (12.1). So process flow becomes 12.1 then 12.2 and then 7.2.

One of input of Plan procurement (12.1) is 'cost performance baseline'. Cost performance baseline is out put of determine budget (7.2) so 12.1 can not be completed unless 7.2 process is completed.

This becomes "chicken-egg" like situation. Which process to be followed first as it became circle.

Please advise me.



Per my understanding, sequential data flow is not always necessary.

We can expect simultaneous data flow in this situation, once 12.1 is done it can go to 7.2 and 12.2 same time and there will be over-laps... regards/Bhooshan

The confusion is something we all have to address. People should see how to move about in this one. - Phillip Elden