Confronting vs Collaborating

Confronting as a Conflict is not included in the PMbOk 5th edition cause according to the 5th edition collaborating is the best form of conflict resolution technique.. But solving Kim Heldman question and it say it's confronting. Someone please clarify this.

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My advice would be better move with PMBOK and use the terms which are finally refined in PMBOK5 , there was some level of ambiguaty in the old terms which are improved. So ignore the questions which are refering PMBOK Guide 4.

Here is our video on Conflict Management which you may find useful

yes you are right.

Confronting and the calibration are the two basic terms which are used in all sorts of the equipment and other electronic and mechanical accessories. The blog is about the competition between the confronting and review the calibration in which the conflict and the celebration is under the discussion.