Communication Management (Virtual teams)

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          When a PM is working on a Global project with a virtual team involving several stakeholders from different countries,communiccation planning becomes very critical for project success! What is the most effective method of communication among  stakeholders?  Will formal written superseed informal verbal as a medium criteria especially during decision making sessions? Any indepth experience and knowledge is appreciated.

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The project will need a very solid communication management plan

1.  List all the reports, weekly emails and updates which will be prepared and clearly list down who all it will be sent to

2. Prepare  list of all meetings, that will be needed between different stakeholder groups. Who will be conducting these meetings, the objective and the impact of not attending these meetings

3. Make a goverance structure, clearly highlight the escalation path, who is responsible for what.

4. Also prepare a SPOC in each country, whose help you can take when you need to send urgent communications via phone / SMS

5. Arrange for video conferencing sessions, if feasible have the weekly meetings over video

6. If people have webcams and if they can use something like skype , encourage the use of video based communication, to bring in the human element and greater connect between team members

7. Country SPOCs can hold team building sessions on periodic basis. Try to connect two countries every month for casual discussions for team building.

8. Have a common portal to store all communications, that way you do not have to rely on emails, plus it will keep the history and remove ambiguity. Even if a person is on vacation he can come back and quickly get a glimpse of what happened when he was away. Sharepoint or similar portals are highly recommnded

9. Last but most important. Make one person responsible for communication management. to manage all the above and ensure effective and efficient comminication happens throughout the project lifecycle.


BTW I like solving real world problems , so keep them coming. Tougher the situation, more interesting o solve.



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