Close project / Phase process

I am going to appear for PMP on 30th Dec 2015, so need quick help

I have few doubts in Close project/Phase

1. Whether Project Audits happens during Project close/ phase process or not.
Project Audits is mentioned as an input under OPA for the process Close project or Phase. I didn't understand this statement on pg 102 of PMBOK.

2. When is Final Acceptance of deliverables done. If its in this very process, then which output suggests that. Is final Acceptance done during Validate scope or Close project/Phase

Can anyone please clarify


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1. While closing the project you should look at the gaps pointed out during project audit phase , if there are any Non-Conformances pointed out , you can check and close it.


2. Validate scope is when the acceptance of deliverables happens. After that you start closing your project.  Search for "Closing sequence" on PMZilla to learn more.