Cleared PMP on Monday

Hi ,


I cleared PMP on Monday and am quite happy about it.

This site was very useful. Do read PMBOK and Rita many times.

Pmstudy is also a good site for tests!!!


All the best for future PMP's



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congratulations!!. I am sure this is a great feeling.

If you have time, do post your Lessons learnt in detail



Hi ,


My secret of PMP success are .

1. Read PMBOK once,then Rita's book.

2. Read these books again making notes of the important topics.

3. Did PMSTUDY tests and identified the weak areas and read them again

from Rita and made notes of these topics.

4.After reading these topics again for a week did the tests again with marked


5. Did the free PMZILLA tests also for preperation.

6. Lot of questions came from Cost chapter and also few general probibility

questions from basic maths.

7. I prepared for 2.5 months but 2 months is also fine with 3-4 hours study per



All the best for future aspirants.

Will share more if any specific question is asked




Hi Rohit,

Can you please provide me the details about the fee structure and minimal critiria to apply for PMP.

Currently I am working with AT& T as a Techincal Architect. Please let me know the details.

Thanks in advance.