Cleared PMP - May 13, 2009

At last passed the exam. I had taken the membership about one year back but due to project responsibilties couldnot get around to study.

This exam is really very difficult and exhaustive. I had to strictly allocate my hours for reading and practising.

Studied for two months about 3 hours on weekdays and as I got closer to the exam I increased my study hours to about 8 hours in weekdays and 12-13 hours on weekends.

I used the following books:

 2) Rita's book
 3) Rita's Fastrack CD
 4) Kim Heldman - Good book to understand via Process
 5) Free Internet questions about ( 5000 +). Oliver, pmstudy, tutorialpoint, O'reilly and PMzilla to name a few.

My last two week were totally devoted to exams. I would start with the hardest exam - Oliver 75 and 175, PMStudy exams (Free + paid) and then proceed to other exams. These papers have some of the best situational questions I have come across.

I felt that one should decide on a supplement book besides PMBOK and then read these books from page to page. 

Important Points:

 1) Memorize the knowledge areas and process groups chart and ITTOs. 
 2) Memorize the formulas, those are the easiest questions on the exam.
 3) Understand the Rita's Planning Process Flow.

Finally, go through the Lesson Learnt section that is present in this site.

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Congratulations on your PMP. Welcome to the elite club. I had similar experience when studying. Good to see you sharing with the community here.

 All the best

Regards, Admin