CLEARED PMP last hard, stay confident and you will KILL it too - GUARANTEED

Hi All and a very Happy New Year to you!!!

Words cannot describe the feeling of passing this exhaustively difficult exam! But let me assure you, it is well worth it......and here is my journey..........

I am a PM with 7 years of hard core continues experience in a corporate environment. For about a year I wanted to get into PMP but never found time. With the demanding job that I have it is simply impossible to dedicate a quality time to this and so I worked out a strategy to get this done this Christmas!

In November I signed up for a Simplilearn course and took a week or so to get familiar with the concepts by competing the on line material. This was easy enough as lessons are well structured and not difficult to grasp. This also assisted me in my classes when took them over a week of 16/12/13. Anyways, I took the classes and immediately after started getting ready for the exam. I mean really....there is only one way to get ready for this one and that is to STUDY HARD!!! I guarantee you that no matter how much real life experience you have you will NOT pass this exam if you do not go over the material plus exam questions over and over and over again until you have absolutely no gaps in your knowledge. Basically it took me 2 full weeks over xmas where all I did all day long was study! Simplilearn have 5 x 200 questions exams and they were very good. Not too close to the real exam but good enough for you to understand all the important areas and gauge whether you are ready or not.

First week after the course I took all 5 exams once and was getting around 50% on the first one and progressed to 75% in the last one. Now, this was nowhere near enough and I knew that. I invested lots more studying in the mornings and taking exams all over again in the evenings. Week 2 I started getting upwards of 80% and averaging 84% on all of them. This is where I felt I was ready to go!

Guys, trust me......the ITTOs are huge. I can't say I know them backwards but I do have a good grasp and to be honest after passing the exam I can confidently say that if you want a guaranteed pass you better know them backwards. Earned value management is big. PERT is pretty big. Risk Management, Procurement, Maslow, McGregor, Critical Path calculation etc are a must. I recommend for you to actually understand the EV, PV, EAC rather than just memorise the formulas. There are some really tricky questions for you to figure out what they are asking you first. There are some “quick win” ones but not too many. You will find that exam is a lot harder than you think, so make sure you understand the concepts well.

Now with the strategy on the day....I did some last minute reviews in the morning and stopped about 3 hours before the exam, relaxed and went in with a clear head. OK, important - do yourself a favor and brain dump what you know in the time you saved through the tutorial. Do not take all 15 min you have available for tutorial. Go over it in 5 (plenty of time!) and dump all your formulas on one page. I wouldn’t bother with ITTO Tables etc as these will not help you but formulas will. I did that and have to say this saved me, for sure! Now, with the will most likely take around 2 min per question to start with and that is normal but then you will have to speed up as you are getting comfortable and the nerves came down bit. I was taking 3 min for the first 60 questions but then sped up and completed exam in 3.5 hours. With approx 50 questions marked I took almost exactly 4 hours to complete the review. With only 2.5 min left I finished the exam and was praying that I passed. Then came the tutorial and well deserved Congratulation!!! Having to receive 4MP and 1P I was absolutely thrilled!!! To be honest if I studied another 2 weeks I can confidently say that I would have gotten all Ps, but PASS is a PASS and having to complete the lot in about 3 weeks flat and having to sacrifice all my xmas holidays, I am happy that the hard work paid off!

There is a number of very good sites that will help you to prepare for this exam and I thought I’d share them with you here:

Attached are the iPhone apps that helped me too! hard, stay confident and you will KILL it!!! I know you can do it – success is guaranteed!!!!

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Congratulations on passing the PMP exam!

Reg the Simplilearn practice exams: Are they easier or tougher than the actual exam? I realize that they are different, but just curious reg the level of difficulty relative to the real exam. Can you pls share your impressions?



Thank you!

Yes, absolutely. I found that the real exam is tougher than the Simplilearn questions. My recollection is that only around 10 questions were similar in wording/approach but the rest weren't. This is why I strongly recommend to study so you understand the concepts and can apply them no matter how the question is worded. Same with the formulas, do understand the actual meaning of EV, PV, BAC etc...vitally important!!

Some of the links I used (included in my post) will assist you greatly, as they are focused on exactly that. If you don't get it, don't worry, try another link or google the item, there is tons of free material on the Web, just make sure that you are watching the 5th Edition material. For example it took me a few goes at Point of Total Assumption (PTA) and this video helped.

Youtube is great! You just can't go wrong......keep watching those videos! Every minute that you do is very beneficial, I promise you that!

Good luck!

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing the links and other useful stuff


Congratulations on your success, and big vote of thanks for sharing such a valuable stuff 

I would also like to ask about the quality of Simplilearn's mock exams. Actually, I am planning to take up a PMP training course from Knowledgewoods ( to know that the quality of their mock exams and practice questions is pretty high. Some of my colleagues who have done their pmp training from KNowledgewoods even told me that some of the questions in KW's Mock exams are better than any others they came across.

Looking forward for your suggestions.







Hi there and thank you.

I would rate Simplilearn a 8/10 as far as the quality goes. Not too bad but I feel they could be better, for example, this site gives you really good quality 75 questions:

Have a look at other posts too as I mainly concentrated on Simplilearn and haven't done many of the other exams.

Having said that I did 2000 questions with Simplilearn and passed the exam, so I can confidently say to you that if you are doing over of 80% on average and consistently staying above 80% you are almost guaranteed a pass. While you may memorize some answers at the end of the day you are learning as you are doing test exams.

Don't forget though that memorizing WILL NOT get you the pass as the questions are a level harder on the actual exam, you do need to understand the concepts.

Cheers and good luck!

 Awrite...thanks a ton  Your suggestions are really encouraging 

 Awrite...thanks a ton  Your suggestions are really encouraging 

Many congratulations on the passing of PMP:-)! Totally agree, one need to study really hard, but also UNDERSTAND the concepts, such as Earned value calculations. I passed my PMP at 8th January and I am still smiling. Hope you will get good use of the new knowledge right away at work.