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I cleared PMP on Apr 25th in my first attempt. Have been delaying this for a while, but finally made it this time.

It was 45 days of preparation for this exam. With multiple things, like office and personal work, it was tough to spend time for this exam preparation. Just thought of sharing lessons learnt in this journey.

Books Referred:

- PMP Exam prep 7th Ed - Rita ( 2 times)

- Head First PMP -2nd Ed ( 1 time)

- PMBOK -4th Ed ( 1 time Full Read, 2 times Revision based on Mock Exams )

There were lot of websites i referred for further notes and Mock exams.

- PM Zilla , PMhangout,,,simplilearn,Headfirst Website

Fortunately i also had access to Skillsoft Course material for PMP exam. that also helped in getting some additional information.

- For Beginners, it is easier to read HeadFirst Book on PMP. But it is always better to read PMP Exam prep by Rita. I did not try memorize the RIta process chart as it was difficult to remember all of that

- Once the complete reading of each chapter was done, i made notes on each chapter, took the chapter end exams in both books.

- After all the chapters were revised, i started reading PMBOK once. it was very tough to read PMBOK for the first time, so get the basic understanding of all processes from books by Rita or Headfirst

I started giving Mock exams to test my patience level of sitting for 4 hours at a stretch. Started with Simplilearn ( 68%)  and ( 70% ). Based on scores, i started revising the answers and went back to PMBOK and Rita. This way of learning through mock exams and revision for wrong answers will be a good approach.

It is like after the college exams are over, getting  a chance to revise wrong answers and correct our understanding.

There have been lot of questions on ITTO's , but not directly, were mostly based on a scenario. So it is important to understand what is the input, tools & technique and output. The way it worked for me is like this.

I started with two initiating processes. 1. Project Charter. When we start a project , we would not have anything at our end, except SOW, any contracts, Org process assets,etc. Using these, we develop project charter. 

2. Now the second process in Initiating group is "Identify Stakeholders". having created Project charter, that will be the only document i have with me. So that goes in as Input to Identify stakeholers, in addition to already available Contracting documents, org process assets,EEF.

Once i was able to relate with actual sequencing of processes , it was easier for me to get ITTO questions correct.

Another important Chapter is Cost Management and Time Management. Atleast 8-10 questions were on the calculation of SV,CV ,CPI and SPI.

The most important factor is to manage time in the examination. As many of them mentioned, use first 15 mins to write down all the processes and Formulas. Even simple formulas like SV, CV calculation may confuse us in the examination. I had a target of completing 125questions in first two hours. 

Read Questions atleast two times to know the exact problem. Fortunatly there were not many "NOT"  used type of questions.

It is always good to reach the examination venue 30 mins earlier, and if possible, find the best route to examination center before the exam date. All these are based on the individual's comfort.

When i was finally done with answering all 200 questions, there was a small survey. It was very difficult to spend time on this survey without knowing your result. :). At the end of the survey, the wheel of fortune started spinning to show my result. Those 2-3 mins are very tense, though this result is not the end of everything. 

When i finally got the results as " Congratulations..." I was happy and got 3 Ps and 2 MPs. Though i felt i should have got atleast one more "P", i was happy to see results of my effort for 6 weeks amidst all the project pressure and personal responsibilites.

To all those future aspirants, ALL THE VERY BEST.

 Excellent performance! Congrats man!!


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 Congratulations !!



 Dear Friend,  

congrats and thanks for sharing indetail LL.





I am very new to this forum and have been following study patterns of different people who have very recently passed the exam. I have more or less similar time scale as yours and I am hoping to replicate your pass status. As you very rightly put, we all have so many things going on - it is very very difficult to actually spend time for studying but with discipline we all can achieve this.

I am hoping to take my exam in the last week of June so that just in case if I fail I can re-book just before July end and give it another shot before it all changes.

I am more or less using the same pattern what you have described in your study method - I am reading all of the mentioned books in the same order.

Thanks a lot for your detailed input and many many congratulations on your success.



 Thanks for Message. Hope you cleared the PMP with flying colors.



Congrates on getting PMP certified