Cleared PMP in first attempt on 31st May

What I didn’t like abut PMP:
I am not sure if you need to be proficient in English to be a good manager, if not then why PMI is not publishing PMBOK in different languages. I am from a non-native English speaking country, so for me it was very difficult to read and understand the PMBOK. Till now PMBOK is available only in 6-7 languages.
I know my English is not that good but still hope you guys would be able to understand my writings

About My preparation:
I started my preparation almost a year back (I know I spent a lot of time). First I joined simplilearn for 35 hour PDUs. The online course is good but covers only 25-30% of the PMBOK content.

After that I started Rita but got stuck with Rita’s chart. I was not sure how to remember so many stuffs then I moved to pmroadtrip is simply the best and considering that its completely free, I think every1 should have a look at it.

But my real preparation started with PMBOK. Initially it was very hard to follow the PMI language but I used google a lot during my preparation. Whenever I came across anything new, I used to google it and guys there are so many materials available over net. You just need to search it properly. I used to put sticky notes on PMBOK4 pdf.

Mocks Scores:
Pmstudy 1 : 83
Pmstudy 2 : 78
Pmstudy 3 : 81
Pmstudy 4 : 83
oliver lehmann 75 : 70+
Excamcentral  : 2 full mocks and scored 80+
Skillsign : 85-90% in free chapter wise tests
Fast track PM : 80-85

About the Exam :
As been said many times before, it’s not that tough. There ‘er something around 50+ single line questions which are directly from the PMBOK. 10+ simple calculation based question.  20-30 questions with 4-5 line information and quite lengthy. Few questions based on specific scenarios and very few questions which are not in PMBOK.
I completed my test in 2.30 hours (I used to take that much of time in PMstudy mocks as well).

Final Score :
3 Proficient (Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control) & 3 Moderately Proficient grades.

About PMZilla : thanks 4 all your help. You guyz rocks. One suggestion : Please upgrade to Drupal 6 and use the new  test module for the exam. There are many other features which you can use it over here.
Please allow to insert images through FCK editor. And also file attachment in node and comments.

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Congratulations and thanks for your suggestions. We will look into that. As for images, its delibrately not allowed, but you can always host the image on one of the image hosting sites and use img tag here. That is allowed.



Great.. Congratulations...!!!

Wish you all the best.

I also must admit classroom course and their online course really works.