Cleared PMP in First Attempt on 27th April

 Hi All,


I cleared my PMP exam on 27-April-2012 with Proficient in all 5 areas. Thanks to PMZilla forums and the site for the useful information and content.


Study Plan:

1) I did my PMP PDU course in Nov'2011. Started preparation in March'2012.


2) 1.5 months of preparation as follows:

a) Read Rita's Sixth edition once and answered chapter end questions

b) Read PMBOK start-to-finish once

c) Referred to Rajesh Nair's Notes.

d) Finally revised Rita (Once) and PMBOK (twice), two weeks before the exam.


3) Mock Tests: PM Zilla Free Test, Fast Track (PMP and Super PMP), Head First, Oliver Lehman 175 & 50 Qns. Scored above 75% in all tests.


Lessons Learned:

1) Understand  the PMBOK thoroughly and read the glossary and appendix without fail. 

2) Logically remember all ITTOs. There were many questions on ITTOs for me.

3) Memorize/ Understand the key formulae on time, cost, comms, procurement and risk.

4) Get a good 8 hour sleep before the exam day.






Very seldom we see P in all possible 5 areas. What good feeling for sure.


Two Questions:


1. Are these the reference material books that you referred to or something else is missing?


2. You did class for 35 PDUs in November 2011 and started preparing in March 12. So, are you trying to say You did not nothing pertaining to PMP ?


Congrats again. Well-done.



 Hi KK,




1) I just referred to PMBOK and RITA. No other books.

2) I was on an assignment and did not prepare between Nov 2011 and March 2012. I started preparing in March 2012.



Its really be a good feeling to have 5Ps. Well done.



 Thanks Hasan!

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Congats on your PMP.


 Thank you!

So far I've read Andy Crows, Rita exam prep, Head first, PMBok 4, and few other mocks based on what it seems to be PMBok 3.  I buy books from Barnes & Nobles and spent apprx 3 mo of studying those.


I failed my 1st attempt... Before I spend another $275 to PMI who changed exams around without releasing any updated PMBOK, where can I find better study materials to help me?

I wish I took PMP exams before they made Aug 2011 changes because it'd have been lot easier.  PMI says PMBok 5 will be released some time next year.  It frustrates how the standards aren't real standard anymore but it's the effort that counts, I guess.



 Hi Ellise..

I believe the materials that you are referring to are enough to crack the exam. Do not wait for any changes to be finalized by PMI. When you are confident, just go ahead and take the exam. If you are scoring 75% and above consistently then you are good to go!

I wish you the very best for your exam.


you have some posts with which i agreed and supported, for i know your point is correct, but if your post is obviously not correct, then i cannot just keep on silence, and leave upon the guys that what you wrote is correct. This is normal in a forum like this. At the end, we respect each one's reseller

Congratulations earlets! It's rare to get P in all areas. And I definitely agree in your tip to have a good night sleep before the big day.

That's what I also did when I was about to attend the Peak Potentials Training (found on this site I went to bed early so I could have a clear head in the morning.

 First of all I would congratulate you on passing ur PMP. Your study plan is quite simple and you make us believe that it is hard to pass the exam if we work hard. thanks for that ... second of all i would like to know from where to get rajesh nair's notes? ... could u plz tell me the link ??