Cleared PMP in First attempt on 14th Oct - Attention PMP Takers

 Please do not get bogged down by the hype that is created by new and old test patterns.. if you are taking PMP for the first time , it shd not matter whether it is new or old patterns.. I believe most of you will agree it will be  same for you.. SO just concentrate on the exam. My tips


1. Read RITA once

2. Go thru PMP

3. GO process wise (Initiating , Planning , Execution . MOnitoring and Processing , Closure)


out of which  Initiating , Execution and closure will cover 50 % questions..

U can think of Monitoring and processing after above three .. Last but not least planning..


4. Again Rita ( for important points)

 Most ITTO questions are based on common sense as the 3 options are most of the time not relvant to that particular questions.. 

But do try ur best to remember all important techniques .. U dont have to by heart anything as option will help u to recall the statement..

Last but not least remember all formula and page 43/47  process diagram ia also important.. I literraly vomitted page 47 daigram and all formulas on first two pages of rough sheet.. trust me i refered this two pages to answer almost  40 percent  of the total questions

 Wish you all the BEST

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by page 43/47, do you mean Rita's Process Chart?



Congratsss for passing the exam. Could you please clarify which book you are reffering to us Rita or PMBOK?



Congrats on clearing the PMP exam.

Which edition of Rita did you use for preparing? I have Rita's sixth edition which was published before the changes made in PMP exam during the month of August. Will it be ok to read that or should I really buy the seventh edition? As far as I understand, there are not much changes introduced.

Thanks in advance.




Taking the exam and passing is one thing. You need to sacrifice things to get the ultimate prize. - Marla Ahlgrimm