Cleared PMP Exam on 20-Jun-2011 9:00 PM

 Hello All,


Cleared PMP on 20-Jun-2011 at 9:00 PM!!!


First of all I want to dedicate this certificate to my Daughter NavyaSri(Just 1.5 Years Old and started saying few words, missed for last 2 months due to exam schedule) for her patience and cooperation and Thanking her and rest of my family, friends & all people who has helped directly or indirectly.


During Exam Mood - Easy, very easy, hard man, very hard, may not pass, easy to pass - Passed.


Here is my LL


1.       Read PMP Exam Prep(6th edition) Rita Mulchay – First time

2.       Read PMP Exam Prep(6th edition) Rita Mulchay – Second time and attended chapter test

3.       Identified gaps and reviewed once again based on chapter test result

4.       Attended PMSTUDY free test and reviewed only grey areas

5.       Attended HeadFirst PMP free test and reviewed only grey areas

6.       Attended Andy Crowe PMP test and reviewed only grey areas

7.       Attended 101_Questions_for_the_PMP_Formula_Study_Guide.pdf (downloaded from Made me clear on all types of formula questions and got good understanding of each formula once I completed this test)

8.       Attended Q&A-PMP- Q.doc (downloaded from somewhere)and reviewed only grey areas

9.       Reviewed PMP Exam Prep and Questions_for_the_PMP_Formula_Study_Guide.pdf once again at very high level before (24 hours) taking test

10.   Slept well, slept well, slept well and got up at 9:00 AM had break-fast and slept well till 2:30 PM and got up to get ready for the exam

11.   Reached exam centre ONE hour early, had tea, and completed formalities

12.   Started attending exam, took break after completing each 50 Questions(Completed in 2.5 hours) and reviewed all marked questions at the end of the exam(nearly 45 minutes)

13.   Submitted and attended survey, appeared result on the screen with CONGRATULATIONS!!!

14.   Thanked all including GOD!!!


All the best friends hope this LL helps you.



Ganesan Rangasamy


Congrats Ganesan!!

Is it possible for you to put up links for the resources you mentioned here.