Cleared PMP in Apr'12 - What a relief in this hot summer !

Hi folks,

It is a hot summer in many parts of this sub continent and those preparing for PMP exam need to sweat through even while doing their prep inside an A/c room. End of the day, clearing the exam brings in a lot of fresh breeze inside ! Felt it when I cleared the exam on 5th April'12.

I would like to share some useful tips to those taking the exam this summer:

1. EAT a lot of fresh fruits and DRINK juices to keep your body cool. This is not a tip for this summer, it really helps your body to be prepared to fight any illness due to hot summer duing the week of your exam. I used to drink tender coconut water every alternate days + melons during my 1 month prep during Mar'12

2. Read Rita or any books available in the bookstores only ONCE. Do not attempt to read them twice/thrice. It's not worth it. They help you understand the concepts behind all KAs & process groups. That is all. You have more to read from PMBOK

3. Read PMBOK at least TWICE. The best idea would be to read it 1 or 2 days before you appear for the exam. It really helps

4. Do not OVERDO or SPEND on MOCKS. Maximum of 8-10 free mocks would be more than enough, provided your average mock score is somewhere around 70%. PMStudy FREE mock is a must. You may find other best free mock sites if you google

5. Prepare your own NOTES on ITTO and read them on the day before exam and on the day of exam (if you have scheduled it in the afternoon). Creative mind maps to remember ITTOs really works! So, ignite your creativity to tacke ITTO questions


6. Last but not the least, be committed to study PMBOK and other reference books for :

a.minimum 3-4 hours daily if you have scheduled your exam 1 month after your PDU training

b.minimum 2-3 hours daily if you have scheduled your exam 2 months after your PDU training

c. minimum 1-2 hours daily if you have scheduled your exam 3 months after your PDU training

d. Do not forget to take 8-10 mock tests, this is irrespective of your exam schedule


7. After taking 3-4 mocks, think how you want to MANAGE TIME effectively duing the 4 hours of your exam. You may want to practice to 'MARK" lengthy/extraneous questions and move on to complete easier ones FIRST. Trust me this helps a lot to focus on the lengthy questions during the last 1 hour. PRACTICE your mocks this way.


Hope the above tips help you PASS the exam










Congrats Rajaram Anna! Well-done.


How many Ps you got. Which area did it cover much. Pls reply