Cleared PMP and Lessons Learner

Hello everyone:

I cleared my PMP and would like to thank my god for giving me
strength, courage and patience for this exam :) Thanks GOD :) , I am
not here just to tell you that I have cleared the exam but would also
like to share the lessons learned for perspective PMP aspirants and
here they go:

1. Please Please go through PMBOK guide atleast twice, I know the
language is quite tricky and hard but there is no choice. Understand
each and every concept and the processes linked with it. Secondly try
asking yourself in which process group this activity falls?

2. Remembering ITTO's - Ok here's a trick to remember the so called
lengthy ITTO's , while in the exam you are always given with 4
options, remember one thing if you've read pmbok thoroughly and you
know the concepts then you can straight away eliminate two options (in
reality these two options will be really easy to find as they do not
make sense to the subject being asked). Now picking up the right
answer how to do that? Well for example if someone asks you what are
the inputs to Preliminary Project Scope Statement, then you just think
logically, 1st you require EEF, 2nd you require OPA, 3rd you require
Project Charter, so the answer would be the said options and not
Project Scope Statement... so try find out logically which can best
suit your question.

3. Remember all the formulas EAC,BAC, EV , PV,CPI,SPI , Communication
channels, PERT, etc. These formulas should be on your fingertips
because if you are blessed with numerical questions you will be able
to solve them without any hassles. Also, dump them as soon as you
given the scratch paper and when your tutorial is going on.

4. Remember all the motivational and HR theories such as Maslow,
Hertzberg , Mcgregor XY and also dump them on the paper during the
exam, if you think you will forget them later on.

5. Remember the 7 quality tools Pareto chart, historgram, scatter
diagram , run chart, control chart etc... and write one line for them
during your memory dump in the exam, basically writing their purpose
or use.

6. Remember the types of contract (incase you want to dump them you
can do so) what type of contract is , how many types of contracts
exists, and most importantly in which contract the seller or the buyer
has the most cost risk.

7. Go through Rita's book after PMBOK, and try attempting questions
from PMBOK perspective and see where you stand if you scoring
somewhere between 85 - 90% you are on a good scale, if its 65-70% read
the entire chapter again or if its 70-85% just brush your knowledge.

8. Believe me this exam is an investment for lifetime, so if you think
you do not have good knowledge or need some extra coaching classes etc
please go for them, I did that!

9. For simulation, personally speaking I bought Rita's PM FastTrack
simulation software, this simulation is amazing the kind of tricky and
wordy questions and their pattern make you prepare for PMP, so if you
guys want to go for it, its available at Rita's site
at 300$ (I know too much price but worth if you clear this exam).

10. Please remember the process chart drawn in PMBOK which shows the
various processes and the process group and knowledge area they fall
in, dump this chart during your memory dump.

11. Remember each point counts so do not leave any questions.

12. If you are unsure about the answer only then mark the question for
Review else don't.

Just before the exam:
1.  DO NOT PANIC! Please guys this is the most important thing that
you should know please please for god sake do not worry or get panic
at all coz this will ruin your entire hardwork, just be cool headed
and confident.

2. Do not get overconfident or under confident both of these factors
are dangerous. So watch out!

3. Take a day's rest before the exam and do not think about the exam
or its consequences, things will be fine because of your hard work and
blessings from god :)

4. Try to take a light lunch or breakfast before you hit the exam
center this will keep you active , you can't carry anything inside the
exam room not even water! But you can keep them in the locker area, so
take some juices or fruits or biscuits with you.

5. Answering 200 wordy and tricky questions is not a joke! This
requires a lot of patience, focus and concentration. Remember guys
this exam is not only about your knowledge but also about the
aforesaid things that I discussed.

6. Remember to use a strategy before your exam such as, I will attempt
50 or 40 or 100 or 200 questions flat and then I would take a break.
As far as I am concerned I did not take even one single break for 4:30

7. When you will sit in front of the terminal the tutorial will start
remember this tutorial is about how to select the options etc. but its
for 15 minutes so use this time to dump your memory and do not press
END until you are finished dumping your memory.

8. Remember to do your memory dump else you might tend to forget
things you have mugged up for this exam.

9. Please pray to GOD, coz he will be with you always :) remember this
exam is not easy and not difficult as an IAS exam so please be relaxed
during the exam and please pray to god before you leave things will be
good for you :)

Note: After June 30th , the exam will be conducted on PMBOK 4 version.

I hope the aforesaid will be of some use to all of you, again I would
like to thank you my god for this great achievement and to all my
family members who supported me for this exam throughout. Incase
should you like to get some more information please contact me, I will
be happy to help all of you as much as I can. ALL THE VERY BEST TO ALL


Bhupesh Mansukhani,PMP



You have putted lot of efforts to draw down LL. Appreciate it.

I just like to know is the questions are like PMFastrack?

How many lines are there usually in each question?

What are the online exams you have tried?


Hi coolpmp:

Thanks for your wishes, well here are the answers to your questions:

 1. I just like to know is the questions are like PMFastrack?-" the questions on the exam and on pmfstrack by Rita are not same in nature however PMI/PMP questions are based on pshycometricits , Rita try to create the pshycometrics questions for you(as she has especially hired pshycometrics who develop these kind of tricky questions for the simulation purpose) in her software so you get a hang of how it feels like while giving PMP exam and facing those wordy or tricky questions. But by no means the questions on Rita PMFastrack and PMI are same or similar in nature as PMI has its own questions bank of more than 6000+ questions. So this is just developing and feeding your brain on how to answer the tricky questions.

2.  How many lines are there usually in each question? " well PMP exam is just like a box of chocolates sometimes bitter sometimes sweet so you never know you might get single line question or 7 line questions, it all depends on your luck at that time, which chocolate will you get? ;)

 3. What are the online exams you have tried?- "I just practised on PMFastrack by Rita and some other sample questions provided during my training no online simulator rather I would say I did not practise much on simulators, but that's me! But if you are unsure how it feels to face tricky questions then I would propose that you should better buy rita's PMfastack which gives you access to 1400 questions right on your desktop by knowlege areas and process group. 


Please do revert if you have any more questions for me , I'll be glad to help you :)




Bhupesh Mansukhani, PMP