Cleared PMP with 4 Ps and 1 MP, 1st September 2015, First attempt

Hi Everyone,

I cleared my PMP Certification today with 4 Ps and 1 MP. 1 MP was in closing not sure where I goofed up. 

Few cents from my side


  • Preparation time - 2 Months- July and August 2015. Generally 8-10 hrs on weekend and 1-2 hrs on weekdays.
  • Courses and books refered- Rita for conceptual reading especially risk management and procurement management is very well covered. Head First Pmp very good book for visual learners like me. PMbok hardly touched upon, read the glossary though. I also took an online course of simplilearn for mocks and videos.
  • Mock Tests- Any mock test I could find
    • Simplilearn- 70-82- Close to PMP
    • Olive Lehmann-77.5 and 82 in 75 and 175 questions tougher than PMP
    • PM Study- 77.5- Close to PMP
    • Passionate PM- 86%- Easier than PMP
    • PM Zest- 69%- Tough grammar
    • Free PMP Simulator- 80+ very close to PMP
    • Head First Free Mock- 90+- Easier than PMP
    • PMZilla Tough 30- 55% in first attempt
    • Izenbridge Tests- 80+ very good questions ( even the free videos are great)

Analysis of mocks are crucial post any examination. I did that, went back to the books to read upon my weak areas and it helped a lot.

  • Level of the exam- Medium- Tough in level.
    • Concentrated a lot on concepts
    • PMP Tests you on your capabilities to put yourself in manager's shoes and think about the answer
    • Questions are well worded and needs to be read properly to get the right answers

Lessons learnt- Study the concepts, you wont be able to memorise everything, practice as many mocks you can and please analyze them properly.

Glad to be now CAPM and PMP Certified. Please do share any queries you have thanks and all the best

Congrats !

I have been following this forum recently, and aspire to getting my PMP within next two months.



Thank you Andy all the best. Do well :)

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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for this post

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Welcome to the club.

Nice LL is posted.


Md Javeed,PMP