Cleared PMP :)

Hi Guys,

I am really glad to share this news with you all that I cleared PMP yesterday. Mine was a paper based-exam based on old format (Old format because our area was affected with Hurricane Irene and hence the exam was postponed). I gave the exam last week and the results came out yesterday.

I am not sure if everyone out there will be interested in my lessons learned since I gave the exam based on the old format but still I for those who are interested below was exam preparation strategy and  the lessons learned:

1) Started with PMPrepcast for gaining 35 contact hours. Found it to be extremely good

2) After that read Rita and Rajesh Nair notes. Both were extremely good.

3) Read PMBOK. I would highly recommend PMBOK as a must since not all the topics are covered by Rita. Also I found my scores started improving after I read PMBOK.


I used Rita's PM Fast-track and found it to extremely helpful. I believe Rita's PM Fast-track was very close to the exam.

My scores initially were usually in the range of 68-74% for individual KA's.

My scores for the full-length tests were as follows:

1) PM Study free exam: 70%

2) Headfirst:75%

3) Free 205 Questions on PMI website: 82% (I would highly recommend all the aspirants to take this test)

4) Rita's Super PMP- 75%

5) Oliver 175 questions: 64%

6) Oliver 75 questions: 68%

 I would advice to focus more on practice tests as it helps identify your weak areas. I myself attempted more than 2500 questions from various sources and that helped me improve my confidence.

On the exam-day like everyone else wrote down all the ITTOs and formulas in the first few minutes.

I would first like to thank God, all the PMZilla members who helped me out esp. Admin, satish_multi, RP and many more for helping out clearing all my doubts. I also want to thank my dear hubby for supporting me through all these hard months and helping me with all household stuff.

Last but not the least special thanks to Rajesh Nair for creating such wonderful notes. I used to carry them with me in the train while going to office and read them whenever I got time.

Thanks again and wish all the aspirants good-luck for their exam :)


Congratulations !  How did memorize ITTOs on the test, did you use any technique to brain dump all ITTOs as you mentioned before the exam ?

Thanks Harish.

I used to spend half an hour daily on ITTOs 2  weeks before the exam. The mnemonics mentioned in the LL by various PMZilla members were extremey helpful. However, after I read PMBOK twice I generally knew the flow of the ITTOs. So I didnt face any difficulty remembering them. If you are facing difficulty in the ITTOs, then i would suggest you to memorize the mnemonics.

Check out the below PMZilla link where a member has shared mnemonics in the lessons learned. Hope this link is helpful to you.

In your initial message, you mentioned the following: 


3) Free 205 Questions on PMI website: 82% (I would highly recommend all the aspirants to take this test)


Where did you find this on the PMI website?


I've looked all over.





Hearty Congratulation's Sumedha and Kudos to you for keeping you head cool, focussed and continue studying inspite your exam being postponed due to Hurricane Irene.

Ofcourse your Lesson Learned will help all PMP aspirants as I beleive there is no major changes in the exam and its really nice you mentioned your scores started improving after reading PMBOK as it was the same case with me.

Congratulations once again Sumedha .


Thanks a lot Satish... Its such a great feeling after clearing the exam.

Also I really appreciate all the help

Congrats ! Wish you all the best for your future.

Vijay Bheemineni.

I was affected by the hurricane, but opted to just take the new test, i should have waited.  Has anyone recieved the results for the new exam? 

Thanks a lot Vijay

acab- Yes, the results came out earlier than expected. They mentioned approx 2 weeks but came out in a week's time.

Very warm congratulation for the PMP certification. Best wishes for ur future and achievements.

 It's good to hear the news from you. All your long worries are gone now, enjoy the days until your next assignments :-)

congratulations another new PMP

Thanks a lot Gopinath...Hope all's well with you.Yes, I am glad that finally everything turned out to be fine. Feeling relieved

And thanks so much everyone for your wishes

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thank you for sharing!