Cleared PMP on 27th with 2P,2MP,1BP


     I took the 35 contact hours course in june last year. Could not study after that.
Decided to prepare for the exam only in mid april this year. 
I'm a father of a 1.5 year kid with hectic personal and work life. 
1. One trick to follow while preparing is to not loose focus. There could be days when we get time and days when we don't. Just spending even 20 min's on busy days reviewing the ITTO's or formulas can take us a long way.
2. 1 month back I read a LL and got panicked. It mentioned of a person studying for 2-3 hours daily for 3 months and answering few thousands of mock questions. The person had got 5P's. I lost all hope.
I then read an LL wherein a person cleared PMP in just 8 days, with less proficiency though. Gave me some relief. 
If there is shortage of time and if one is ready to take some risks then please remember that there is sufficient scope for making errors on the exam and still pass if one is not particular of getting only P's. This is where PMZilla and it's various preparation materials come to the rescue.
Hence don't get carried away by LL's. 
3. I read HeadFirst and made notes out of it (Mistake). HeadFirst is easy to read and scenario based but missing on some topics. Those with the pracise of making notes should directly do so with PMBOK.
I then read Rita once. I found the process charts, exercises and practise tests useful. While at it, I printed out "ITTO Prashin.xls" sheet, marked the important inputs and outputs and started going through them. I understood the logic behind the ITTO's. I created mnemonics for the tools and techniques and memorized them.
I also printed out "PMP Comprehensive Notes_Chowdary_Anil.xlsx" and "PMP_Formulae_CheatSheet_Anil_Tanguturi.pdf" notes and started going through them. They are simply amazing and great study materials. I took the last week off from work and skimmed through PMBOK once. Read it's Glossary throughly. Read the above mentioned notes, practised braindump regularly and went through Raga355 points
Answered the following mocks.
Oliver 75
oliver lehman 175
PM Study
PMI REP exam under whom i underwent the course..
I reviewed each of the incorrect answers and referenced them in PMBOK and PMZILLA forums. 
I would recommend every one to read PMBOK throughly. It's not difficult as few say if we have a grasp of the concepts.
4. The exam center was a completely different environment with lot's of distractions. The test taker next to me was continioulsy typing hard for the first 45 min's, making the table vibrate. I had a view of the door about the monitor and it was continously being opened and closed. I had difficulty concentrating for the first 30 min's and could barely finish 38-40 q's in the first hour. Later I got into my grove and took 4 full hours to complete the exam without breaks. I read each question atleast twice. The questions themselves were pretty straight forward padded with some scenario in the beginning. I had around 25-30 formula questions and were pretty easy.
5. I enjoyed styding for this exam. One should firmly decide before registering for the exam if they really need it and want to go for it. Nevertheless I found the concepts amazing and they should add a lot of value to every test taker irrespective of how the certifiation will help them later.
6. I hereby thank the admin for launching this platform and all the contributors who are so very eager to answer queries. Thanks Everyone.
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 Congratulations, good to know that pmzilla has come to your rescue.