Cleared PMP on 23 April

Hi All,

I am member for last few weeks and use to login to this website everyday specially to read the LL from other participants.It helped me alot in nailing the PMP exam.I got two P's,twp MP's and one BP.I would like to highlight few points

  • Total study period was 6-7 weeks (2-4 hrs on weekday and 6-8 hrs on weekend)
  • The actual exam is quiet different from the practice test.I did Rita and Lehmann
  • The focus should be to understand the processes rather than remembering ITTO.I would have got max of 3-4 questions on ITTO
  • I did almost all the available free tests but in the exam I could find only 5-10 familiar questions
  • 90% of the questions are situational.


Piyush Kothari


Were there lot of questions on Earned Value ??

Also, is it worth to buy Rita Fast Track? How was it since you purchased it....