Cleared PMP on 1st Feb, my share on LL

Hi All,
Have cleared my PMP exam on 1st Feb 2016, and below my 2 cents on LL and tips for your appropriate reference. 
- My preparation duration was for 2.5 months and have studied Rita and PMBOK for 2 times each. 
- Even before I started my preparation, I have fixed my exam appointment date, which will be a key driving force to keep you focused throughout your preparation. 
- 2 to 3 months of preparation duration will be sufficient, given that spending 3-4 hours of study time daily and religiously. 
- I preferred studying Rita a lot, due to detailed explaination which matched to my learning style. PMBOK as they say is standard and guide, so it will be dry in explaination. 
- Throughout my learning I have prepared quick brief notes, which helped me in reviewing on last few days before exam. My suggestion is to start with Rita and then refer to PMBOK. 
- IZenbridge and Simplilearn videos has helped me a lot in understanding key and tough topics. 
- Change control board, Organization types, EVM, Conflict resolution, types of contract, Quality and Risk tools, Motivational theories, Networking diagram and Critical path and chain and schedule compression techniques are some of keys topics which we should be very familiar with.
- I used to spent time visiting PMZilla, Simplilearn forums frequently, which will give you insight on other success stories and will be good learning point.
Mock Simulation: 
- This will be a key activity which you should perform to measure your understanding on your learning. 
- I have given 7 full mocks and tried various free simulation that are available on net. I was scoring 65 to 75 on various mocks. 
To name few: 
- Simplilearn
- HeadFirst
- PMZest - This was bit tough and I scored only 55%, but main exam was moderate compared to this. 
- PMP Exam Simulations
- Christopher Scordo free questions. 
- If you are PMI member, try to utilize all available materials on the PMI books and references section. 
Exam Experience: 
- Real exam will not test any definitions or details from books you prepare, rather it concentrates on if the candidate is aware on what concept to apply in real life situations. So it is very important that while you prepare you try to understand and map on how these concepts will help to handle real life suituations. 
- I did not feel that there is any drastic change in exam content due to recently made change, there are 2-3 questions touching on agile and KPI and 6 sigma concepts. 
- Most of the questions (90%) are situational and test to on what is 'First time', 'Best thing' and 'Next thing' to do. 
- Formula based are very few hardly less than 10 questions, but it is very important that you pepare and practice on all the formula based concepts.  
All the best and happy learning!
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Congratulations on your PMP, Thank you for sharing. 

Congratulations on passing. I have just scheduled my exam for the end of April so am starting to study now. So you suggest Rita's book first and then to use PMBOK as a reference? Did you do any online courses? 




Well done, Congratulations.

Rohit, PMP