Cleared PMP on 1st Aug

Hi All,

Thanks to PMzilla and all who wrote their LLs. LL were helpful.

Cleared the exam on 1st August with Proficient in Planning,Execution and M&C and Mod Proficient in rest. The exam is little tough / tricy then the mock test available. Few calculation question were tricky.

Books Used : PMBOK  and Kim Heldman only.

I feel one need a book that can make PMBOX easy to read. PMBOK is a must read. I read PMBOK around 5 times and heldmen 2 times. 

Mock Test scores(not used any paid test for prep)

Oliver Lehman 75 Q - 64%, 175 Q- 71%

PMzilla tough 60 Q - 60%

Edwel - 65%

HeadFirst - 83%

PmStudy - 83%(Free one)

Exam central 1- 82%

Exam Central 2- 82%

PMRoadTrip - 83%

Exam central is a very useful reasource. My Advice is please use mock test to identify your knowledge gaps.

- Tapan 





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Congrats Tapan on your PMP. Thanks for sharing your experiences here