Cleared PMP on 19th with 5Ps


I cleared my PMP on 19th Nov, but had to travel same night hence could not post a LL. I did my 35hr PDU last year in July. Applied for the exam some time later and finall was eligible to take date from 23rd Nov. But I was nervous, scared initially of the amount to read.

The switched jobs, moved from Bangalore to Mumbai..all the shifting etc..Decided to take exam on 23rd Sept, but due to work and other committments, I decided in Aug I wasnt prepared enough. So, I postponed to Nov 19th.

I did create a plan, but it ididnt actually work out as it should have

Now I started reading Rita with more serious determination and understanding the concepts as I was not able to read PMBOK then.

Creaed a plan but it didnt work out as it should have. I then gave a mock test got around 60%. I then decided I had to read PMBOK. So, during the long Diwali weekend I sat with PMBOK( had a soft copy), started writing some notes as I read along.

The difference was I was now reading by process and not by Knowledge area. This helped a lot as I understood the process flow.

This could be a hlepful way of studying for many people.

Then attempted mocks and my scores went up dramatically...Gave some more mocks, got used to the question styles..I did get nervous when some of the mocks had questions prepared badly and answers given badly even though they were from Rita chapter end tests.

Dont give too many tests. Build your fundamentals strong and give few exams to get a feel of the questions

Exam day--was not able to read much..

Finished the first pass in 2:30 or 2:40 mins and rest of the time went in revisiting all the questions. There were 2 mins remaining when i pressed the button and was releived to see the Congratulations and then icing on the cake when I pressed the next buttong to see 5Ps.

Exam itself was not too tough. Sheer pressure of expectation and the mental stress to prepare makes it tougher.

Mocks attempted were




Oliver-75 and 175

I did purchase PMPforsure entire package but was not happy with the quality of answers and did not attempt them all.

Biggest tip- PMBOK, PMBOK and PMBOK. Dont worry too much about the result. Initially I was also worried about the result, but then I stopped that and concentrated on my study.

All you can do is study the best you can and then leave the rest. Guess I'm getting a bit philosophical...

Adios and all the best for future aspirants.

Congrats and welcome to the family of 5Ps!

~ Diba



Congratulations on passing the PMP exam...  with 5Ps too!!

How did you read the PMBoK Guide by Process Group? Did you go by the page 61 chart and then pick/choose what to read? Or any other way? Please advise.





Many Congrats !

Just want to know if you took your test at Mumbai Prometric. How was your experience at test center ? I have my exam schedule there shortly. Thanks


Test center was quite good. No issues..

I studied all 47 processes by process group. For example, I first finished Initiation, then went through Planning, then Execution . Hope this helps

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 5Ps ! ... Congratulations .. Thanks for sharing your LL. 

I found your feedback to be helpful (last para). I am glad you mentioned the portion about being positive and just doing your best without worrying about result. Its important to reinforce this as worrying about the results lets the mind waver and waste a lot of time and cause stress. I still have not given my exam, and have completed the first pass of Rita's book and PMBOK. My goal for the next week is to follow your suggestion of going by process area and re-reading PMBOK this way. I am hoping to complete this and be comfortable with the mateial by mid-Dec. Then I want to give 2-3 tests, build my endurance of sitting in one place ofr 4 hours, and schedule exam by third week of Dec. Keeping fingers crossed.