Cleared PMP on 18/03 ... Happy to share with you all ....

I have cleared the PMP in the first attempt on 18/3/2013. I have been actively participating in this forum for the past one week where i have gained lot of information from this valuable site. :)

From my part, I would say just one thing to the PMP aspirants is "Please keep reading PMBOK" . This knowledge will help you to clear you exam on your first attempt.

Thank you all.. especially sspawar and arun who replied instantly to my questions...

Congratulations Sangeetha. Very happy for you!!!

Congratulations Sangeetha


Can you please share LL and the preparations you did for last 3-4 days before the exam?


congrats ... so did the mock tests help  

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In my last week of preparation, I just took only two full length mock up tests where i was able to score to the below percentage:

Examcentral : 84%

Pmstudy :  77%

I devoted my remaining time in reading PMBOK alone. I was less confident  on solving the problems so unable to concentrate much on that. In the exam, they do ask many problems and some are tricky like

1. They had given a very big Critical path problem and the question is "What is the free float of the critical path of the ...?" for which u dont need to spend time in calculating at all. Just by ur concept, u could answer it.

LL in the exam spot:

I was not able to manage my time properly hence left with 20 minutes for reviewing the question :( which is the drawback that i felt. )

Please manage ur time by practising many mock exams with short turn around of time for each question which would help you in revising the answers and at the same time, please utilize your four hours of time.

All the best for the PMP aspirants!


 Congrats man!.