Cleared PMP on 16th September!

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Posting this on behalf of Venkat. 

Dear Members and Friends,

I am also one of the silent observers in this forum. I am very glad to
share with you that I cleared PMP on 16th Sep, 2007. This was my
personal initiative towards my career path as I decided to continue my
career in Project Management (Switched from engineering to Project

I decided to go for PMP certification during the month of Apr-07. I
applied during the month of May-07, within a week my application was
considered and I received indication to go for exam. I enrolled exam on
the same month.

Exam Preparation:

I started with PMBOK, but could not understand much then I started with Rita's.

Books/Materials Used:


2. Rita's

3. Rita’s Fastrack

4. One exam on

Initially I scheduled exam on mid of august but due to work
pressure, I re-scheduled twice and finally and firmly decided to go for
exam on 16th Sep. I spent almost 3-4 hours daily. Unfortunately I could
not concentrate much during last week but the initial preparation was
helped me a lot.

Preparation Sequence:

1. Read Rita's at least two times first

2. Read PMBOK twice

3. Understand and memorize ITTO's, formulas

4. Take test on Fastrack and pmstudy

5. Read PMBOK, Read PMBOK, Read PMBOK

That is sufficient + practical working knowledge. is the good tool to judge your preparation.

I feel concentrated preparation for two months sufficient for clearing the exam (for normal average candidate).

Exam Day:

Caution: Visit your exam venue at least one time before your exam day, if you are not visited before.

The exam was scheduled in the early morning 07:30 and I started
from home at 04:30!!!? to avoid sharjah-dubai traffic. Unfortunately
one of the vital over bridge was closed and I land up searching
alternate route and with lot of difficulty I reached test center.
(Missed proper lanes, U turn etc ...)

The exam was like normal category with mixer of very easy questions and tough questions.

Took one break in between the exam. I finished in three hours with
almost 25 questions as marked. I reviewed all marked questions in next
30 minutes. Then I decided to end the exam, the screen appear as
“Congratulations”. Unforgettable moment in my life.


Venkatesan ANDAVAN