Cleared PMP on 08/23

Hi Team,

Really delighted to update you guys that I cleared PMP exam on 08/23. I am really thankfull to all forum members who helped me in clearing doubts.

I got 1 proficent, 4 moderately proficent and 1 below proficent.

I will write detailed LL on weekend.

I know few of our group members are appearing in for exam coming weekend. Best of luck to all of them.

Really thanks to all of you guys !!!



Congrats Jagjith, delighted and I was looking for your exam updates since yesterday..

I too have scheduled the exam in the second week of September, eagerly looking forward to it..and also your LL as well.

Thanks Kiran,

I do appreciate healthy discussions we had on few topics.

I am not sure if I am confusing with other, but is that you who is appearing in for exam coming weekend?

I can guess you are from southern part of India .. all of my south indian friends spell my name as "jagjith" instead of "jagjit" :))



I too appreciate the questions you posed in the forum.. yes I'm a southindian and you got that right :-)Proficient:))

My exam is on 10th.. keeping my fingers crossed..

 Jagjit, Congrats.. Waiting to see your LL

Congrats Jagjit. !!! You rocked