Cleared PMP on 05 Sep



I gave my PMP on 05 Sep and cleared it successfully with proficient in planning, exec, M & C, and moderately proficient in Initiation, closing and PSR. 

To let u know my way of preparation, I studied PMBOK 3rd edition and Rita 5th edition once. I would read one chapter in PMBOK and the same chapter in Rita which helped me in better assimilation. Gave the rita tests after each chapter. Then i studied PMBOK 4th edition once and Rita 6th edition once. I practiced the tests in Rita after each chapter which gave clarity on many topics.  After this i started taking pratice tests. Started with fastrack simulation. Gave the tests by each process group and then KAs. I read PMBOK for the last time n started taking full fledged practice tests. I gave the oliver exam of 175 questions. i scored 126/175, where as the pass mark was 131. I was not really dissapointed as i was nearer to it and also since oliver was tough. It had many topics which were not touched upon in PMBOK. Then I gave rita PMP and Super PMP where I scored 88.5 and 90.5 respectively. This really didnt boost my morale since i had been practicing rita and didnt know how i would fare in other exams. Then i took Oliver 75 questions test where I got 48/75 two days before my actual PMP. I was very much dissapointed and then started looking at the topics where I lost and browsed through the references and looked at the topics in details. This gave me a lot of clarity in those topics even when i understood questions at such level would not be asked.I gained some more confidence at that point. The last exam i gave was PMstudy the same night. Scored 160/200 and was later converted to 140/175. Scored 80 % and this really boosted my morale. The last day I did nothing much but once again reviewed all my answers in pmstudy exam, looked at the i/ps, o/ps, T & T, gave a look at the glossary and was ready for the exam.

Before the start of the exam, I peacefully read the instructions and the practice session which was for 15 min. I wanted to keep my self calm and didnt try to write down/recollect anything during that period  as i was confident i could correlate i/ps, o/ps, TTs for each process. I waited till the complete 15 mins ran out so that I become completely stable during that period. Definitely the questions would be absolutely new set. But the practice tests would have helped in analysing the questions in correct direction. I had a total of 45 questions which were marked during the exam. Out of those 45, I knew few of those were right but marked in case of small doubt.  I was confident I would pass as I had done it well.

The exam was not all that easy. It required some analysis to the questions. So the key point would be stay cool so that u can analyse the questions correctly and then you are through.

All the best!