Cleared PMI RMP exam in Dec 2012 - Study materials and Practice tests

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One of my close friends has cleared RMP , Posting his LL. He has around 15 years of experience in Project management .




RMP exam specification and syllabus is under review and update now. So, it is better to wait until 2013 when this gets released.


Study Materials and things you should know


1.      Risk Management chapter from (PMBoK), is something you should know in and out.

2.       Tools and techniques described in Practice Standard for Risk Management. I had also read appendix and glossary.

3.       Key concepts from other knowledge areas in the PMBoK (mainly HR, communication, cost). Brushed up my knowledge through Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep book.


About the RMP Exam


1.       I felt the same concepts were tested through at least 4 questions in direct, scenario based and  indirect means. So, you need to be clear about the concepts and their application.

2.       Questions clearly differentiate between project manager and risk manager. It may not be easy for any project manager to appreciate this. However if you are in Risk management or doing Risk consultancy this should be easy for you.

3.       It requires a lot of patience to answer 170 questions, especially on same concepts and to sit for 3.5hrs! . So you need to be in the right frame of mind for the exam.


Is RMP exam worth ?


If you are in risk consultancy or Risk manager , then RMP will certify your credentials and it may help you when you have to change jobs or to improve your market value. You may not learn radically new concepts, especially if you are a PMP already. But it helps in following ways:

1.       Better appreciation for risk manager as a separate role in project.

2.       Better understanding of various tools and techniques and their application.

3.       The situations in the exam are quite similar to the ones faced by us daily - in terms of risk identification and assessment, stakeholder involvement, communication, etc. This provides an opportunity for rethinking on these situations.



Practice questions & other references:


I did not buy any tests. Registered for demo in the following sites and got some 20-30 questions in each for free! Also, solved questions from Rita Mulcahy on Risk, HR & Communication.


Hope this helps.