Clarifications regarding Professional Responsibility

I came across this question in one of the sample questions.

You are the project manager working for a company which does project for other organizations. While the project manager was gathering requirements from the customer organization, Tina, IS Manager of Sales was influenzing the project manager to use a particular software which has advance features.  Whereas George, CIO of the customer organization, instructing the project manager to use other software, which is obsolete.  As a project manager, which software that you would use:

1. Software suggested by Tina

2. Software suggested by George

3. Software that you feel which is better

4. Software that is recommended by your company CIO

Correct answer to be (Point#1), cause, IS Manager Sales is a stakeholder and ultimately responsible for sales and delivery of the product and customer satisfaction.  Point #'s 2 and 4 are same, as the SW is obsolete even CIO recommends doesn't make sense to the customer, and #3, SW that PM feels is not correct, as PM needs to meet with the stakeholders and team to determine which SW is good to use.


I think that all responses are not correct, are you sure you got this question from a serious source?

any way as per these data, I think the response is point#2, because first the CIO of customer is aware about the new software (of course the PM  told him that!) despite this he proposed the absolete one (he might have his own reasons) second any misundestanding must be resolved in favor of the customer.

What about if the proposed by Tina sw does not fit to customer requirements gathered by the PM (-me-)? Advanced features may be irrelevant to customer requirements or just Golden Plating and considering them with a higher sw cost would not be the choice of preference. Making stakeholders analysis does not necessarily mean that you agree with them, especially when their roles are contradictory!!!. I would select 3 if I interpret that answer that I -as a PM- have the choice to select or just check for another alternative.




Appreciate your point.  Perhaps, CIO by virtue of his background and expertise, he thinks that software suggested by him is suitable than proposed by Tina.  For cost reasons perhaps.  Tina suggested software may be a over-kill does and thus Gold Plating.  I think we should go with Option CIO suggested software. Thanks....

PM ethics would not permit me to offer an obsolete product to customer except the case that I would let customer know and agree with it. Case c would be more suitable for both cases: to choose from two known alternatives or check also for a third solution. I would go with CIO choice in case that althought the killer-functions of Tina's proposed sw that sw was not covering exactly the required by the customer funtionality and I -as a PM- have serious limitations like time, lack of expertise or other to check for alternative(s).