Claiming PDUs for reading PMBOK 5th Edition

Hello Colleagues,
I am PMP certified and collecting PDUs while having two questions.
1) I am certified based on PMBOK 4th Edition and currently reading the 5th Edition to keep myself updated. Can I claim PDUs reading this book ? If yes, then how many PDUs shall I claim ?
2) My credential will expire in 2016, if I completed all 60 PDUs this year, will it be renewd to 2019 ? Or 2017 ?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Not sure about 1, but i can tell you that for question 2, the renewal cycle will restart as soon as you complete all requiered PDU's, so don't rush.

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In Self Learning category you can claim upto 30 PDUs. PMBoK 5th Edition can also be claimed.

Thanks Guys,

I think I will go forward and claim the reading on the New POMBOK.

What about my second concern, Will my credential be renewned from date of expiry or date of completing the required 60 PDUs ? 



I just went through this. Since I earn a lot of PDUs I have the option to renew early. When I do, the renewal date comes up in September, just like it's supposed to.

Any PDUs you enter now will apply to the 60. Most people wait to load some of them to the end as they will carry over.