CISSP training for PMP PDUs

Hello Folks,

My company is offering me CISSP trainning. My question is, can I claim PDUs by showing CISSP offical tarinning by ISc2 ? Has anybody has done it ?

Thanks in advance.


Zeeshan Qureshi, PMP.

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I guess you are talking about PDU for PMP eligibility i.e. 35 hours. If I understand correctly then yes, you can do this:

1. Ask your company authority (generally HR) to issue you a workshop participation letter that clearly mentions date, total hours (>=35 hours) and the training topic (E.g Project Management or brief like initiation, planning, Execution, M&C and Closing)

2. In the same letter ask them to write about the instructor. To my knowledge if the PDU is from registered REP's or the instructor is a PMP certified person, PMI does not question much when you are caught in audit.

It does not matter more what you have done in the workshop, what matter more is what your formally written certificate shows. I am a PMP training instructor, so you can trust me on this. Cheers!

You need to make sure you apply only the applicable parts of the training. Risk Management is a compatible Knowledge Area component between PMP and CISSP.

For instance, the fact that Zimmerman invented PGP encryption has no bearing on project management, and it wouldn't be fair to apply time for learn that fact and other equally unimportant to PMP facts.

Remember to use your honesty and integrity when choosing what to apply as PDUs. Lots of stuff can cross over, but lots most certainly doesn't.

Some of the things I used for PDUs for my PMP I have also applied to my CISSP CEUs (same as pdu), but not everything.