Change requests

Can anyone explain

1. what is exactly the sequence of perf. integ. change control and change request procedure.  WHich is the subset of which?  

2. Change request should be created after impacts are analysed or should be the first thing??? 

3. How do we go about with change requests for Corrective and Defect repairs.......I mean what is the sequence of steps. 



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As PM BoK says Integrated Change control is about reviewing , approving the change request throughout the lifecycle of the project.


2. Only after change request is created the impact can be analysed. otherwise what will you analyze ?

3. Corrective actions and defect repairs are not change requests. 


Thanks for the explanation.

Regarding point 3.

I meant what would be the sequence of activities for change requests resulting in corrective or defect repairs.

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During project execution analysis of any performance report ( cost, schedule, quality) can result in the a change request.

Analysis --> Corrective / preventive action / defect repair --> Change request

Each CR will go through integrated change control process before its approved.

So if you analyzed that you need to follow a specific process, use a particular tool and if it means cost impact to project, it needs to be documented as CR, will go through ICC process before additional cost is approved.

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