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Question: 'Creation of a change approval board' is performed in which process group? a. Initiating b. planning c. executing d. controlling & Monitoring d. Closing.

I guess it's executing process group, as Acquire team is in executinng process group. Please clarify ?

Hi, I would say that you would DEFINE the CCB (Change Control Board) in the process 9.1 Plan Human Relations Management in the activity where you define your projects organisation chart. Though AQUIRING the people to be included in it I would agree to what you say it would be included in the executing process group. Though remember in most cases it is not up to the project manager and team only to decide who would be participants of a CCB. In my projects I typically start with writing a Change Management Plan where I define the suggested steps of a change management process, draw a suggested Change Management Process with swimlanes in Visio and then it will be a joint decision with the customer of that process and the definition of a CCB. All this also much depends on the size of the project.

Then it should be a pretty forward process to aquire people to CCB once responsibility and approval + delegation process is defined and decided upon. /Anna W. /PMP

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Change Management plan is part of Develop Project Management Plan, and we identify CCB along, in most of the projects i worked in  CCB level stakeholders were already identified when we get the project charter. OPA , EEF and Project Charter gives good information for same. 


You may find webinar recording of Integrated Change Control useful  :

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